1st Sep 2017

£2 Million investment in Shipston High School

Shipston High expansionShipston High School has been a hive of activity throughout the summer holidays as work began on the next phase of the school’s expansion.

A two-storey block, featuring nine new classrooms, office space and an improved reception area is currently under construction at the top of the drive, making reception much more visible for visitors. The block will stand alone, adjacent to the existing building, and has been designed to allow staff and students to move around the site safely and easily.

This development, which follows the initial extension completed in 2015, will enable Shipston High School to offer a more contemporary environment to existing students, and provide the space needed to accommodate the recent rise in its pupil admission numbers to 120 pupils in each year group from 2017.

Warwickshire County Council provided a grant of approximately £2 million to fund the new building, in recognition of the need to invest in additional capacity at the school. The build is likely to take about eight months, with a full timetable of lessons expected to be held in the building from September 2018.

Headteacher, Gavin Saunders, said: “We are extremely fortunate to have this new block at Shipston High; in the current climate, this is rare. We are ambitious to ensure we keep developing the school for present and future students, and I am keen to consider how we can further enhance our sports facilities for the school and local community. Ideas and initial plans are already under consideration and we really appreciate the community’s interest. 

“Coincidently, 2018 is the school’s 60th anniversary, so an appropriate time for our next phase to open. We look forward to celebrating our heritage and our future in 2018.” Mr Saunders added. 

Mayor, Dan Scobie, said: “It is extremely encouraging to see this level of investment in Shipston High School. I would like to congratulate all the staff and pupils for their contribution to making the school such a success story for the town. I look forward to seeing the new building take shape.”


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