Could you be one of Shipston’s new Councillors?

Shipston Town Council currently has four Town Councillor vacancies and would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming a community leader by representing the views of Shipston residents.

We are looking for people who would like to become more involved in influencing and shaping the future of our town by improving the environment and services available in Shipston and the surrounding area. Shipston Town Council is an elected body of Councillors, including a Mayor and Deputy Mayor, who are supported by a town clerk and assistant. It is the first tier of government providing services on behalf of the residents of the town.

Formal meetings are held monthly on the second Monday of the month and there are working groups which Councillors are encouraged to join depending on their individual experience and expertise.

Councillor Peter White has been serving on the council for over seven years and is the current chair of the Communications Working Group. “I joined as Councillor to understand more about local government and to work with fellow Councillors to try and improve the town for its residents,” said Peter. “I have a young family and I’m particularly keen to hear from the younger generation on how we can improve the facilities and services available to children and young adults. It is important that young people in Shipston have a voice and are able to discuss their views about what Shipston is like to live in, it would be fantastic to hear from anyone who would like to join as a Councillor to represent the younger population.”

Please feel free to contact any of the current Councillors (see page 11) to discuss what is required for this role and how you may be able to volunteer around your current commitments.

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