3rd Jun 2018

Major initiative to tackle social isolation

tackling social isolation A new partnership has been set up to launch a major initiative against loneliness and social isolation in Shipston and the neighbouring villages.

Shipston SCAN, Shipston Medical Centre, VASA and the county and district councils have formed the Stour Partnership Against Social Isolation and Loneliness to tackle the problems. Other local organisations including the town council, Lions, Rotary, Age Concern, the Baptist Church, U3A and Ellen Badger League of Friends support the project.

Speaking for the partnership, Trevor Russel, chair of Shipston SCAN, explained: “Social isolation and loneliness are as harmful to people’s health as smoking and obesity. By some estimates, nine million people in the country are lonely or socially isolated. These problems exist in every community - and Shipston is no exception.

“Working together, we intend to identify the scale of the problems here, look at initiatives to tackle them, find the funding and deliver solutions.

“There has to be and there will be a community-wide and community-led action. Shipston has done a terrific job on dementia. We now need to do just as good a job with loneliness and social isolation”.

As a first step, the partnership is sending a questionnaire to every household in Shipston. If anyone would like a copy or more information, please contact Trevor on 01608 662514 or basicallybooks@btinternet.com

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