24th Mar 2020

Shipston welcomes new town councillor

Shipston Town Council has co-opted Peter Cowley as a new councillor, filling the one remaining vacancy on the council.
Peter moved into Shipston in December 2019, moving from Southport in Merseyside to be close to family. He spotted the advert in the Forum looking for new councillors and decided to put his name forward.

Although this is Peter’s first experience as a councillor, he is no stranger to local government, having worked as a lawyer for Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council for many years. “Although I’m new to Shipston, I’m keen to contribute to the town and my experience of working in local government means I’m able to offer up to date knowledge, particularly around legal matters.”

Peter intends to get involved in the Planning Committee but is also keen to support the Heritage and Leisure Projects Working Group. Having previously been a trustee of a charitable museum, art gallery and library, Peter is keen to maintain his interest in local history projects and bring his experience to bear.

Peter enjoys spending time with his two – soon to be three – grandchildren and in his spare time, is a speed sports enthusiast and lover of music. Peter has also joined Shipston Rotary and is looking forward to supporting local charitable initiatives.

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