Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan team – most of whom are Town Councilors and volunteers from the local community - has been working to address topics such as improvements to the town centre and riverside, flood risk, and provision of open public spaces.  A particular focus has been on managing future housing needs, especially for young families and the elderly.  They have also been looking at ways to protect Shipston’s rural setting, and how new employment opportunities might be created.

The content of the Neighbourhood Plan is driven by what the local community feels are priorities for Shipston over the period 2011-2031, working within the policies defined by Stratford-upon-Avon District Council’s  ‘Core Strategy’ and national planning policies.

The team has ensured that residents and other stakeholders have regularly been consulted since the inauguration of the Plan in 2012 and comments have been noted and, where appropriate, incorporated into the Plan.  A full description of the consultation process can be found in the ‘Consultation Statement’ and the accompanying ‘Consultation Evidence File’.

In the autumn of 2015 the NP team produced a set of draft policies grouped into five key topic areas: Housing, Environment, Infrastructure, Flooding and Economy.

After further work the team submitted the plan for a statutory public consultation period beginning on the 7th November 2016 and ending on 31st December 2016. The Neighbourhood Plan team has reviewed all the responses and comments received. Where relevant and appropriate to do so, the required changes have been made to the plan which has been submitted to Shipston Town Council for approval.

Shipston Town Council approved the plan on 9th October 2017 and submitted it to Stratford District Council. Stratford District Council ran a six week period of further consultation and appointed an independent examiner to assess the plan. The examiner published his report in March 2018 and recommended that the plan go forward to a referendum by the people of Shipston subject to modifications recommended in the report. A link to the examiner's report is located in the 'documents' page.

The result of the referendum on September 6th was as follows: Total number of votes cast: 1,066 (26.59% of those registered to vote). For acceptance of the plan-931. Against acceptance of the plan-133. Rejected votes-2.

The plan was adopted by Stratford District Council on 15th October 2018.

You can download or view a copy of the neighbourhood plan and the examiner’s report here:-

Final Shipston Neighbourhood Plan

Examiners Report