27th Feb 2017

Deputy Mayor steps down due to ill health

Ali HendersonDeputy Mayor Alison Henderson has resigned from her role, due to ill health. Alison has been suffering with cancer for some months.  Despite a gruelling treatment regime, she carried on her duties as best she could, having been led to believe she’d be feeling better much more quickly than has proved to be the case. With further treatment ahead, Alison took the decision to resign in order that a new deputy could be appointed in time to allow some tutelage from Ronnie Murphy before being appointed Mayor in May. Alison will remain a town councillor. 

The Shipston Forum asked Alison to share some of her highlights during her time as Deputy Mayor. This is her response:

“Sadly, I didn’t have the opportunity to get involved in many activities, as I started treatment in August. However, I greatly enjoyed giving out the prizes for the various angling competitions at the end of the Fish ‘n’ Frolics weekend.  I was delighted to see how many youngsters were involved, some of them having caught fish with weights I’d have thought unimaginable!  

“I joined colleagues in observing the Two Minutes’ silence on Armistice Day, and made a brief appearance at the wonderful Townsend Hall Christmas party. My husband Richard, who would otherwise have had to munch through some turkey oddments with me gazing wistfully on, had a whale of a time and returned ‘merry’, replete, and full of admiration for the three Shipston girls who had organised it so faultlessly!”

“I have been bowled over by the sheer kindness shown by local people, and have been showered with beautiful flowers, plants, cards, jokey emails, visits, and offers of help  - which would cheer anyone up. For all this I have been extremely moved and grateful, and it just shows what a good lot of folk we’re blessed with in this town!”

The town council regretfully accepted Alison’s resignation and she left the meeting to applause from everyone in the room.

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