3rd Jul 2017

Proms creator, Tim Porter, wins Shipston Award

Tim Porter, the creative genius behind the Shipston Proms, was the worthy winner of the 2017 Shipston Award for community service. 

Tim was nominated for the award in recognition of nearly twenty years devoted to promoting music across the town and local villages. Not only has Tim been the driving force behind the Proms, but he chaired the organising committee until 2015 and continues to be actively involved even now. With support from his musically talented family, Tim has helped ensure the Proms has always been an inclusive event, catering for a broad range of music tastes.

On presenting the award, former Mayor, Ronnie Murphy, said: “On behalf of fellow councillors and the town, I sincerely thank Tim for his boundless enthusiasm for the Shipston Proms. His energy and vision has made the event the success it is today.”

Tim, who was in the US on a music tour at the time of the presentation, said: “I’d like to thank everybody for the Award. It’s much appreciated, but obviously I couldn’t have achieved so much without the help of so many people over the years. I’m particularly looking forward to the 20th Shipston Proms next year, and hoping that we can commemorate the occasion with something extra special.”

Following the judging process, Shipston Town Councillors also wanted to congratulate fellow nominees, Tessa Hince, Danni Mooney and Hayley Ash, who were responsible for Shipston’s first Community Christmas Lunch.

“We are very aware of how much work these ladies put in to making Christmas a wonderful experience for those who would otherwise have been alone. We would like to thank them for their hard work – they came a very close second when it came to deciding who should win the award.” Ronnie added.

The Shipston Award is presented by the Town Council every year in recognition of an individual’s voluntary contribution to the community.

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