3rd Mar 2018

Shipston encouraged to take part in the Long Road to Ghana

A small group of determined volunteers is laying down a challenge for Shipston, surrounding villages and friends in aid of two great causes - Brain Tumour Research and Willing and Abel. In one week in June, the community is being asked to travel 4,000 miles - the equivalent distance of Shipston to Ghana - using human power only!


So why this particular challenge? Forum readers may remember the plight of Ethan Suglo (pictured) from a small village in Ghana who was born with a rare and life threatening condition. At just three years old, Ethan had life-saving and enhancing surgery at the John Radcliffe for a massive abdominal swelling in July 2016, made possible thanks to the enormous generosity of the local community, and the medical team at the hospital. Further surgery is now needed to give Ethan a normal life expectancy. The ambition is to top up what is left from the previous fundraising to cover the cost of Ethan’s second surgery, due to take place in June. 


Not content with supporting one charity, the ‘Long Road to Ghana’ campaign is also raising money for Brain Tumour Research. Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer - yet just 1% of the national spend on cancer research has been allocated to this devastating disease. Following the tragic loss of a local friend to a brain tumour, and in support of others who are battling this challenging condition, help is needed to fund vital research to tackle this disease. 


So how can you help? By getting out, getting active and contributing to the 4,000 mile challenge! Fundraising coordinator, Dr David Williams, said: “We have come up with a challenge that is accessible to all and we hope everyone will get involved. Our aim is for people to walk, run, swim, canoe, row, cycle (static or actual) – or any other transportation method you can think of - under your own power to clock up the 4000 miles from Shipston to Ethan’s home in Akatsi, Ghana. We need cyclists, runners and walkers to cover the land and desert regions, and swimmers and canoeists to navigate The English Channel and the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Africa. 


“We can’t guarantee the weather, but invite you to join us in this challenge so that you can make a difference to people with brain tumours and the children like Ethan that are supported by Willing & Abel. The journey starts on Sunday June 3rd and we hope to arrive in ‘Ghana’ on Saturday 9th June in the evening, with exciting plans for a finale at Shipston Rugby Club.”


Clubs, businesses, residents and friends are encouraged to consider how they can contribute. Miles can be accumulated across the week and a minimum donation of just £5 per person (£1 for children) will ensure your miles are added to the total challenge. Plans are still in progress and updates will be shared via Facebook at www.facebook.com/ethansuglo25000/but you can also donate straightaway by visiting https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Ethan-Karl4000. 

To find out more, email: longroadtoghana@gmail.com

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