26th Sep 2018

Could you be a town councillor and make a difference in Shipston?

Shipston Town Council is encouraging local residents to consider standing for election ahead of the next town council election in May 2019. Being a town councillor – a voluntary role – is a great way to support your local community and ensure the town’s voice is heard across the district and beyond.

There are lots of great reasons why people decide to become a town councillor. As well as helping to shape your local community and deliver local services, being a town councillor can develop your own skills, give you the chance to meet people and get involved in local events.

One of the most visible roles of the town council is in considering planning applications which affect the town. Thanks to the dedicated work of Shipston Town Council’s Planning Working Group, the council has influenced the outcome of planning decisions and contributed to improvements in development proposals.

But councillors are also responsible for lots of other issues such as deciding which community groups should receive funding, how the town itself should be maintained, and how to support economic growth through tourism and leisure.

Mayor, Ian Cooper, said: “I’ve served on the town council since 2006. In that time I have learned a huge amount about
public and community services, and the valuable role town and parish councils play in ensuring rural communities are
represented at district and county level.

“While there are times when the role is challenging, it’s enormously rewarding and often fun. I encourage residents
to consider getting involved to ensure we have a full complement of councillors come May 2019.”

At least two current councillors have already indicated they won’t be standing for re-election, so the council is keen to
ensure more people come forward. If insufficient candidates stand, the council may be forced to co-opt unelected

Potential councillors should apply once the Notice of Election is published in March. For more information – including how to become a district or a town councillor – visit https://www.stratford.gov.uk/council-democracy/be-a-councillor.cfm
Alternatively, contact the Town Clerk at Shipston Town Council on 662180 or clerk@shipstononline.org.

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