End of an era for The Wool Fair

After 11 years of staging the fabulous Shipston Wool Fair it is with sadness that the Wool Fair committee has taken a unanimous decision to discontinue the event.

As many of you are aware, the logistics of putting on such events is no mean feat, both in the huge volume of work that is involved and the sheer numbers of people - some with specialist skills in the agricultural sector - required to pull it off.

Forging links to its past as an old - “Scepwaestune”- Sheepwashtown - the Wool Fair has been an enormous success. It has raised awareness of Shipston’s history and links with the Wool Industry and local farming community; provided local craftspeople with the opportunity to show and sell their wares; enabled local musicians entertain and created a community event catering for all ages.

The committee would like to sincerely thank all the many people who have been involved in helping make the Wool Fair possible each year. The event simply couldn’t have happened without all the dedication and hard work contributed by a wide array of volunteers from our local community.

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