1st Aug 2018

Environment Agency Representatives Help Build Shipston's Flood Defences

Shipston Area Flood Action Group - VisitorsIn late June, 11 members of the Environment Agency, including senior directors and managers visited Shipston-on-Stour and toured the extensive River Stour catchment where flood intervention measures have been installed in 2017/18.

They were invited by members of the Shipston Area Flood Action Group (SAFAG) to view some of the 175 flood intervention measures which have been installed on the Knee Brook (the main local watercourse) and its tributaries.

The Environment Agency has been very supportive of SAFAG over the last few years as they view the Group as leaders and national pathfinders in community-led natural flood management (NFM) projects across the UK.  The 175 NFM interventions, such as woody dams, ponds and bunds etc, are designed to ‘slow the flow’ of the watercourses typically on farmland in the upper reaches during spate conditions.  It is intended that this holding back and slowing of the flood waters will reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses in Shipston and numerous other villages in the local area.

During the visit the EA members were given the opportunity to assist in building two woody dams to better understand the challenges and issues involved. SAFAG members delivered a video presentation of the 2007 floods which emphasised the extent of the flooding problem in the area.  

The visit was a great success and assisted in enhancing partnership working with the Environment Agency as SAFAG bid for future funding. 

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