Foodie Favourites

The Shipston Food Festival brought a market-day buzz to Shipston town centre in September. Organised by the Stour Valley Lions, the event was a resounding success, with around 30 stalls providing quality food and drink for the hundreds of visitors who attended across the day.

Trading was brisk, from the time of opening by your Town Crier Marion Lowe and Councillor Jo Barker, to the drawing of the raffle. Some stalls even sold out before the end, and the occasional warm shower failed to diminish the festival mood!

Around £4,500 was raised which will be donated to local good causes, and thanks to the generosity of the people of Shipston, the £522 from the targeted bucket collection will go straight to the Lions Club of Morocco to support victims of the recent Moroccan earthquake.

The Food Festival couldn't have happened without help from a number of supporters. The Stour Valley Lions would like to thank Stratford on Avon District Council for the Covid Recovery Grant which enabled them to get started on the seven month planning process; local businesses who supported us with raffle prizes - the Coop, The Bower House, The George Townhouse, The Cotswold Distillery, The Lazy Pug and Shipston Tesco; all the businesses who had faith in and committed to sign up for a stall; all local businesses who opened up on the day and made the event even better and finally the people of Shipston who flocked to the town centre to support the event!

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