On-street electric vehicle chargers proposed for Shipston

During the February Town Council meeting, Councillors discussed a proposal from Warwickshire County Council to apply for grant funding to install electric vehicle charging facilities on the High Street and/or Sheep Street. In either location, four dual-headed charging points would allow for up to eight vehicles to be charged at once.

The maintenance costs of the charging points would be borne by the operator and Warwickshire County Council would receive a 5% revenue share. Following the initial three year contract, the County Council would have the opportunity to renew for 12 months on two occasions, before going to a competitive re-tender.

While some concerns were expressed about vehicles occupying parking spaces for an extended period, it was felt that on balance this was a great opportunity for the town and both schemes should be supported, with a preference for the High Street if funding was only available for a single location. Councillors were particularly keen to explore future grant opportunities for off-street charging provision as it was felt this would be the most beneficial solution. The Planning Committee will review the proposals and report back.

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