26th Sep 2018

Shipston Adopts Neighbourhood Plan

On 6th September, Shipston residents voted to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan, which has been developed over the last few years.

Just over a quarter of those registered to vote did so, with 87% voting in favour of adopting the plans, and 12% voting against.

There is just one final step in the process – Stratford District Council will need to ratify the referendum decision, which is expected to take place in December. 

With an adopted plan in place, the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan – developed by local residents - will be taken into account when assessing future planning applications. The town will also receive a larger percentage of the money developers pay to mitigate the impact of new developments, known as the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Shipston Mayor, Ian Cooper, said: “I am really pleased that residents have endorsed the Neighbourhood Plan. On behalf of the Town Council, I would like to thank the Neighbourhood Plan team who put in a considerable amount of effort and many hours of work to achieve this outcome.

“We are also grateful to all those residents who attended consultation meetings and responded to questionnaires while the plan was being developed, to help ensure it reflected the opinions those living and working in our community”.

The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed at New Clark House, Shipston Library and on www.shipstonnp.org.

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