Shipston Area Flood Action Group Programme of Works

On 14th June, the Town Council unanimously approved amendments to the budget for Shipston Area Flood Action Group’s (SAFAG) programme of works for the remainder of the year. Two further projects, amounting to £5,000 of work have now been fully scoped and agreement has been reached with the landowners. A total of £78,000 of expenditure is now planned in 2021, funded through £46,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy grants via Stratford on Avon District Council, £30,000 in grants from the Environment Agency and drawing £2,000 from an existing balance of £40,000.

All of the schemes delivered by SAFAG are reviewed by the relevant flood authority to ensure compliance with environmental and health and safety regulations. The adverse weather means that the programme of works is currently running a month behind schedule. Any work unable to be completed before October when conditions become unworkable will be rolled into the 2022 programme.

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