1st Aug 2018

Shipston Proms

Shipston Proms began twenty years ago with fireworks - 20 years later, pyrotechnics accompanied the headliners at the Last Night of the Proms.

The final night started earlier than normal at 2pm, with the tribal sound of African Drumming courtesy of Cassia Tree, followed by Morris Dancing, the High School Band, Betsy Harmony and the Lounge Club.

Up to 1,000 people joined the party in the High Street to listen to Duke, Fame Contest winners, the Buzzin Hornets, the Texan Peacocks and the main act, Badness.  The crowd were singing and dancing along to a fantastic range of tunes.

The 20th anniversary Proms proved again what talented musicians we have in South Warwickshire. There were high turnouts at all venues thanks to the calibre of performers.  Many of the regular favourites were back including Mrs. Porter’s Chamberpot Pourri, Songs from the Shows, Folk Night at the Black Horse, the Coffee Concerts, the Pub Trails in all the local Shipston Pubs plus the open mic night.

The town was also pleased to welcome visitors including virtuoso pianist Alexander Ardakov, the Stratford Chamber Choir, Gary Mullen and The Works, the Sam Powells Blues Band and the Midnight Blues Machine.

Though small in number, the Shipston Proms Committee achieved an incredible amount and worked hard to make the whole fortnight a success.

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