Shipston Rotary Tallest Sunflower Competition

Results for the Shipston Rotary Tallest Sunflower Competition under 11 years.

It was an absolute delight to meet so many lovely children and their parents whilst measuring their sunflowers, on a very hot Saturday.

The winning sunflower measured an amazing 10ft 7ins and was grown by Ava Gibbings.

The Runner Up was Millie Yates, whose sunflower measured a fantastic 9ft 9ins, and 3rd Place was Joshua Allen whose stunning sunflower was 8ft 10ins.

Well done to all the proud children who grew and entered their beautiful sunflowers. Congratulations to Ava who has received a Certificate and voucher.

Result in the Tallest Sunflower Comp for the over 16 years.

First Place went to David Warren for the fantastic sunflower in his front garden measuring 9ft 3ins.

David also had a stunning sunflower in his back garden, which wasn’t quite as tall.

Runners up were Mark and Wendy Nursall, whose sunflower measured 8ft 7in.

You may have noticed the beautiful sunflowers in their front garden at the top of Telegraph Street.

Congratulations to David who has also received a Certificate and Voucher.

Thank you to everyone who entered their sunflowers in the competition this year.

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