Shipston Town Council invites grant applications

Shipston Town Council is inviting grant applications for the 2021/22 financial year, which begins in April 2021. This year grants totalling more than £20,000 were made, supporting a wide range of community initiatives across the town, delivered by voluntary groups and charities.

Cllr Sheelagh Saunders, Town Mayor said: “Each year the community grant scheme does important work supporting existing local voluntary groups and charities. Perhaps in this year of Coronavirus, whose effects look likely to drag long into next year, it is even more important that we look to help those who are finding new ways of supporting our residents who are struggling with unexpected problems that this maelstrom is throwing at us.”

The scheme is open to any voluntary group or charity based in Shipston, or those which actively work in the town. Grant applications must be for specific projects, for example, the purchase of equipment or to support a planned event. Typically grants range from £250 to £2,000 for individual organisations, however, larger sums can be made available for some causes.

Closing date for applications is 31st October. Application forms can be requested from the Town Clerk t: 01608 662180 e:

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