30th Sep 2019

Shipston Town Council seeks bids for grants to support the community

Shipston Town Council’s annual community grants scheme is now open or bids for the next financial year – April 2020 to March 2021.

The community grant scheme is one of the most rewarding aspects of the council’s work. The council sets aside money every year to directly support local initiatives undertaken by voluntary groups and charities which benefit residents.

Last year saw a total of £20,500 awarded to support a wide range of projects from community events to lifesaving services.

The grant scheme is open to any voluntary group or charity based in Shipston or actively working in the town. Bids must relate to specific projects, such as a purchase of new equipment or support for an event, rather than general funds.

Typically, individual grants range from £250 to £2,000, although in some cases, awards may be higher. Mayor, Dan Scobie, said: “Community grants are a great way of supporting the many and varied projects and services available in the town. Wherever possible, we are keen to support projects that benefit a wide group of residents to make best use of public funds, but we do consider niche projects as well, particularly when it’s to do with supporting some of the more vulnerable members of our community.”

Applications for grants must be received by 31 October. To find out more and for copies of the application form, please
contact the Town Clerk on 01608 662180.

Grants in Action

Improving access to the river bank
Shipston Town Council contributed funds to help pay for work being done by the Sports and Social club and Angling Club on
the riverbank. The grant has helped make it possible for people with disabilities to access the river and enjoy fishing. The new platform was officially opened as part of the Fish n Frolics festival in July.

Keeping people moving
The Town Council has supported both the voluntary drivers scheme through VASA and Shipston Link, both of which provide transport for those in need, particularly to help residents get to medical appointments and shops.

Lifesaving support
Through its grant scheme, Shipston Town Council funds the ongoing costs of the Shipston Community First Response vehicle, including insurance, road tax and maintenance. This funding helps ensure the voluntary first aiders can reach people throughout the town quickly when there’s an emergency.

Proms party
Grant funding has also been awarded for the Last Night of the Proms, recognising that it is such an important event for the town, and an opportunity for everyone to come together and enjoy music free of charge.

Blooming marvellous
Every year, the council funds the flowers planted by Shipston in Bloom which make such a positive visual impact throughout the town. 

Grants have also been used to support maintenance projects and new equipment for the Townsend Hall, invest in the Youth Club outreach programme and Xfest, support Citizens Advice services and help pay for repairs to the Town Band hall.

Unfortunately we can’t fund every bid, and often we are not able to give as much money as groups would ideally like. However, we consider every bid carefully and aim to support as many and as diverse a range of projects as we can”, the Mayor concluded.

For application details see the advert on page 14 of the Forum.

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