Stour Valley Lions Friendship Meeting for Ukrainian refugees and their host families

Since the Ukraine war began back in February, generous families all over the UK have been taking refugee families into their homes. This was a selfless, reflex act, often entered into with little or no knowledge of the system, or of how this would work.

Stour Valley Lions salute those families or individuals in our area who offered assistance to house a refugee family. As hostings were entered into privately, we do not believe that there is a network to support the refugees, to build connections and cultural contact with each other. 

We would like to see if we can contact the host families, to understand if there is an opportunity to host a networking event in this area. 

In addition, could there be ways in which the Lions can help the hosts or their guests? If you are a host family - or if you know of one - please please contact Stour Valley Lions and we will ascertain the interest in moving forward with an inaugural networking/cultural event. 

Contact: 07725 105677 or email

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