8th Apr 2019

Watch your speed, warns community team

Shipston’s Community Speedwatch team has been out monitoring the speed of vehicles coming in and out of the town, using a speed gun which is shared with neighbouring villages.

The team has been monitoring speeds on Stratford Road and London Road, with a number of vehicles recorded travelling at speeds well over 40 miles per hour (62 mph in one case).  Although the team cannot issue penalties, the number plates of all those exceeding the limit are provided to the Traffic Police, who take the necessary follow up action. 

The community team is seeking to educate drivers about the importance of observing speed limits, and the data collected will provide evidence to press for other speed reduction measures.

Shipston’s Community Watch team will be monitoring speeds again in the summer.  To join the team or find out more, contact Jacey Jackson on 01608 661288.

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