Young People speak out about importance of Youth Club

At the Shipston Town Council meeting on 9th August, a group of local young people made an impassioned plea to the assembled Councillors to help save the Youth Club, explaining its importance to the town. Some of the speakers chose to share details of the tremendous adversity they had faced in their lives and the huge value they placed on the support offered by the team of counsellors and other staff at the club. Many of them emphasised that while Shipston may appear an idyllic rural community, there are still many disadvantaged and vulnerable young people who need professional support.

Daniel Pulham, Chair of the Youth Club’s Management Committee, explained that the Youth Club had been given a second notice of eviction by Shipston High School, but they were challenging the authority of the notice. He went on to say that he understood that the current premises might not be appropriate long term, but it was essential that the Youth Club could resume supporting vulnerable young people in the town, and the building at the school is the best and only viable option at present.

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