Shipston Area Flood Action Group

The creation of a resilient community in Shipston on Stour and district has become a matter of concern in recent years. The floods of 2007 had a great nationwide impact as well as locally in South Warwickshire especially in the town and outlying villages.

Resulting from this a considerable amount of data and reports has been produced by a number of agencies that has been focussed on this issue.

Unfortunately from time to time there are other emergency situations that may arise that have affected our communities in the past and will do so in the future. 


  • Heavy snow
  • Severe weather.  e.g. storms and gales
  • Major electrical and /or gas failure
  • Road accident
  • Fire
  • Disease
  • Sewage failure 

Shipston on Stour Town council has produced its own detailed Emergency Plan to cover all these eventualities as well as flood risk. This document is held at the town council offices. 

It is useful to have a detailed and informative document that attempts to second guess the ways any future emergency problems can be mitigated.

However the danger is a large document however informative is likely to be largely unread therefore this shortened booklet is aimed at providing a practical first reference point.

A full version of the Shipston on Stour and District Emergency Plan is kept and regularly updated by the Town Council but because some information within the document is sensitive, the document is not widely publicised (e.g. where specialist machinery and equipment is kept for specific uses within the community).

Ideally the town and parish councils would hope you read this booklet and can use the information contained to help you think ahead and develop your own version of an emergency plan that would suit your particular needs. Further advice on flood planning is available on

For more information, please see the SAFAG website -