January 2023

Shipston Town Council Secures Future of Enterprise Centre

After more than a year of negotiating, Shipston Town Council has finally managed to complete the purchase of the Shipston Enterprise Centre (formerly Norgren Hub) from IMI plc. Cllr, Ian Cooper said that whilst it is great news that the Town Council has managed to secure the long term future of this asset for our local community, we should not expect to see any changes in the way the Shipston Enterprise Centre is run in the short or medium term. The council decision to purchase the site was to ensure the long term retention of the land and building for community use and to rule out further residential development on the site. Mayor Marianne Westwood said “we are all delighted that the Town Council has secured this purchase and in doing so ensures that the Enterprise Centre and sports facilities will be retained for use by our local community. We thank everyone that has been involved in the running of the centre over many years and hope that this continues”. The current businesses and organisations that operate from the Enterprise Centre are not expected to be impacted by this change of ownership.